2014 New Year’s Resolution: New Breeches

At my fittest, this is the goal!

At my fittest, this is the goal!

I have saddle bags. And not the kind that carry your lunch. These are the kind a few over-indulgent lunches become.

I will turn 30 in the Year of the Horse. I am determined to lose (and not find) ten pounds. I believe it will improve my riding.

Studies estimate that horses can carry from 15-20% of their weight without compromising performance or health. While I am well below that range for my mare (she is a big girl), I know that shedding a few pounds will lessen the strain on her muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.

When I reach my goal weight, I plan to buy a beautiful pair of full-seat show breeches as a reward. I don’t know yet which to choose. Help me stay motivated. Let me know what pair you covet (and why) in the comments below!

23 thoughts on “2014 New Year’s Resolution: New Breeches

  1. That is a great resolution!! It is always fun to reward yourself after you’ve been hard at work! (all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy 😛 )

  2. I can relate to having saddle bags, too! Although I don’t think mine will ever really go away (even at my smallest I felt like they were still there) I totally agree that being fit is good for us and good for the horse! Best of luck in earning your new breeches 😀

  3. Good luck! Ten pounds is a pretty reasonable goal, so I know you can do it. I purchased the Kerrits cross-over full seat (http://www.kerrits.com/Equestrian-Apparel/pc/Cross-Over-Fullseat-7p4204.htm) this year, and they really aren’t that expensive but are SO comfortable and flattering. Of course I really wanted some FITS, but they seemed like the next-best alternative and I have received so many compliments about them. I’d really like to get a second pair 🙂

  4. Oh, me too….that is why I am on my lunch break at work…among piles of christmas candy……munching on raw broccoli and peppers. Lets keep each other motivated, I plan on buying a new and expensive pair of boots when I decide I like how I feel and look…not sure how many pounds that equates too lol.

  5. I went Gluten-Free two years ago and lost mucho weight, re-gained my agility in the saddle, saved my wonderful horse, lost my arthritic pain — knee and hip pain gone!!! And this is at a time when my own daughter is getting close to thirty. Best health tip I ever had! You go! : ~ )

    (Eating mostly Paleo now . . . fantastic for energy!)

    • Great recommendations! I had never seen either of those brands. The Equirex have great lines to them. I found a link to view the Parkur, but it would be interesting to see whether I could order them. Enjoy the last few hours of 2013.

  6. Great resolution! All the best to you. My favourite full-seat breeches are Cavallos. It’s the only brand I buy. Well made and comfortable. Equestrian Factory Outlet offers great deals if you can get access to this retailer. (Google them.) I always buy my Cavallos there. Good luck and happy new year!!!

  7. Core muscles and balance are as important as weight – I’m always surprised that more riding instructors don’t emphasize additional physical training or exercises for new (and even some experienced) riders.

  8. I know you can do it! Im looking at Yoga to get more balance riding. Sadly its not like when i was in CA and there was a studio on every corner and they were cheap. Out here its like elitist yoga DaHell?!

    • Ha! So true. I wanted to try Pilates. Without a second job, forget it! So pricey. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I’ll stick to my $9.99 Jillian Michaels DVD for now! How’s Circe?

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