Try This Simple Trick to Stay Motivated

What’s the one thing you should do more regularly but don’t?

Whether it’s riding more, eating right, cursing less, exercising, cleaning tack, or writing blog posts, this simple trick will help keep you motivated.


I began this practice in 2012 while training for my first half-marathon. I’m using it now to track exercise in pursuit of my New Year’s Resolution.


  1. Good old-fashioned wall calendar (yes, real paper!)
  2. Stickers (Choose whatever suits your fancy. The more excited you are about the stickers, the better the result.)

1 day of intended behavior earns 1 calendar sticker

Sweat earned these!

Sweat earned these!

Bonus (not for the faint of heart):

For those who need added motivation, try adding a dose of accountability. Tell someone who sees your calendar daily (spouse, colleague, roommate, parent) what the sticker calendar represents. Positive peer pressure.

I’ve found the sticker calendar to be a highly effective, quick, and inexpensive motivation tool. Would you consider it? What other methods work for you?

4 thoughts on “Try This Simple Trick to Stay Motivated

  1. It’s amazing the power of a sticker. See it in the classroom all the time. Me: “If you _______________________, you’ll get a _____________ (puppy, snowman, penguin) sticker.” Man, they jump to action. “I want a sticker!” And these are “cool” 7th graders. We’re never to old for a sticker. And seeing those kittens made me want to go to the gym this morning. 🙂

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