Noble Outfitters “Perfect Fit” Gloves

Growing up in Florida, I very rarely wore gloves. I would throw on a lightweight pair for horse-shows only. I couldn’t stand them. My blistered hands wanted glove love, but I felt so far from the bit when wearing them.

Over the last five years living in the Arctic North Mid-Atlantic, I’m learning to tolerate them. This winter in particular, gloves were a God-send. But let’s be honest, there is no “feel” quite like direct skin-rein contact. So I’m often disappointed by gloves.

For lightweight spring and summer versions, I need grip, slip, and FIT.

Noble Outfitters is a newer company based in California. If anyone can make Florida-girl-friendly gloves, they are probably based in a warm locale. Noble’s signature glove is the “Perfect Fit.” Pretty bold! A name like that dares you to give them a try, right?

Their website has a handy size chart. (Pardon the pun.)

I measured just within a 6. The gloves arrived yesterday. I did what any other warm-blooded equestrian does when a new “toy” arrives: I opened them on the front porch before even changing out of my work clothes!

photo (4)

At first glance, I noticed a few really great attributes. “Noble Outfitters” is stamped into the rubber on the wrist rather than printed in white like several other brands. Because it’s discrete, I can wear these both everyday and in a show.

The hang-tag is strung through tiny loops inside the gloves rather than the typical plastic tag fasteners.

photo (7)

No holes in the fabric, no need for scissors, and no contortions to try them on. This may seem like a very small thing, but it indicates that Noble thinks through the purchase experience.

Fit. The material is thin and stretchy. The dollar trick worked. The 6s fit beautifully without bulky seams. photo (8)


Grip. Handling horses requires decent grip to open gates, hold lead ropes, or keep a steady contact on the rein. The Perfect Fits handled these tasks easily.

photo (5)

Slip. Horse-folk understand what I mean when I say I need “slip” in a glove. I don’t want to have to throw the rein towards the bit. There is no stick, tack, or goo to the grip of the Perfect Fits. As I rode stretch circles and free walk, I opened my hands and the rein slipped through nicely.

Bonuses. The gloves are touch-screen compatible. My dad called. I had to fight the instinct to bite the tip of the glove and pull it off. I swiped once, glove and all. “Hi Dad.” And like magic, there he was! I was also able to snap photos and pull up the dressage test I’ll ride this weekend to refresh my memory. I’ll probably still take the gloves off for more intricate iManeuvering, like sending work emails, but it’s a very nice feature.

The girls. I took this photo with the gloves on.

The girls. I took this photo with the gloves on.

Considering the feel, the price ($22.99), and the added benefits, the name suits these. Try a pair! You may just feel the glove love after all…


P.S. As a former Pony-Clubber, the Noble Tomorrow program dedicating 5% of profits to equestrian youth programs is personally meaningful. 

P.P.S. Information “straight from the horse’s mouth” is said to be the most dependable, and Noble takes this to heart with “consumer focused design.”  Send them your ideas. I did! Or if you’re in CA, you can join one of their product development meetings.




6 thoughts on “Noble Outfitters “Perfect Fit” Gloves

    • Hey Susan, Noble is in Modesto, CA. If I lived within a drive, I’d be at a product development meeting. who knows what riders need better than riders?! The man hands piece of gloveless riding is a huge downside. I’m glad to have found the Perfect Fits. Maybe this year, I’ll avoid the callouses.

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