DIY Crystal Spur Straps

I have a confession to make: I love sparkle.

Yes, I was called a tom-boy growing up. My nails have a permanent dirt line. And I’m happiest outside, preferably sweaty and covered in animal hair. But a little glitter never hurt anybody.

For my birthday last year, my husband bought me a pair of spurs with discretely-placed crystals. I’ve been coveting blinged-out straps ever since.

My travel schedule in 2014 has been unbelievable. I was due for an extended layover. Luckily, it came in the Atlanta airport. The place is essentially a mall with airplanes.

I found a cheesy accessory shop and went straight for the clip-on earrings. As I walked to the gate with my shimmering purchase, I ordered a pair of black leather spur straps from my phone (thank you and curse you – all at once – Steve Jobs and SmartPak).

When the straps arrived, I clipped one earring on each of the keepers like so:

spur straps

Pulled out the bejeweled spurs:


Dusted off my boots, and:



So, what do you think? There are three main perks: 1) The sparkle. Just within the bounds of appropriate. 2) The cost. Cheaper than the pre-made version. 3) The options. Buy three sets of earrings, and you have three different looks.


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