GIVEAWAY! Dressage Test Marker Board

I try to avoid making this blog discipline-specific. The truth is, good horsemanship has no discipline. My equi-love began on a blind therapy pony named Santa Claus. The flames were fanned on summer western trail rides. And a full-blown fire started in the hunter world as an “up-downer” (you know, where your trainer’s only words all lesson long are “Up. Down. Up. Down” as you learn to post the trot…)

I learned to really ride as a low-level eventer. But as a Pony-Clubber I entered every single rally, no matter the discipline. I love both a tranquil trail ride and a flat out gallop across a corn field as much as the next girl.

For the last two years, I’ve been happy to hand walk my mare. I’m happy to work Sam, the Rescue Horse, in hand. And I’m happy to throw a leg over the saddle of any horse, with any tack, at any speed. This year, I’ve taken a five-day Icelandic horse trek, ridden a hunter-jumper champion, taken my first biomechanics lesson, learned from a natural horsemanship master, and I’ll begin drill team practices this week. In two words, I’m horse crazy.

An acquaintance from a former barn called me a few weeks ago. She was considering moving her mare. Days before she was scheduled to arrive, she changed her mind and opted for a competition-oriented eventing barn.

I get it. I love my discipline. I understand wanting to focus. But I have learned so much by being exposed to true horsemanship in all its forms. As for what that has taught be about life: always say YES. Be willing to try new things. Take the opportunity, no matter how it is disguised. You’ll be glad you did.

With that said, this giveaway is dressage-oriented. My first show in years is March 30th. I posted a tip  last month to help remember a new dressage test. My readers provided excellent feedback. Adventures in the Horse World recommended doodling the test on paper. Imagine my excitement to find these the the Town and Country Tack Shop trailer while attending the Red Hills Horse Trials in Tallahassee, Florida:

dressage boards

Of course, I had to buy two: one for me and one for a lucky reader! These dry erase boards are reversible. On one side, you’ll find a small arena. On the other, a large. This is immensely helpful because it gives you a visual for how to ride the patterns in either ring. Entering is simple. If you haven’t already, “LIKE” the Capital Cowgirl Facebook page. This post will be pinned at the top of the page until the end of the giveaway. Comment on the Facebook post with the horse-related event you are most looking forward to (watching or riding) this summer. On March 30th, I will randomly select a winner.

7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Dressage Test Marker Board

  1. I would love to hear about your Iceland trip, and would love it even more if you’d comment on the trip on my blog because I’ve written about riding in Iceland, though not for five days. I’d love to hear how that went.

  2. I am so impressed that even with all the technology that exists there are still good, new ideas out there that fill a need. What a clever dressage tool. I always say to my husband, “Why didn’t we think of that?” when something simple yet cool and new is introduced to us (of course, I can’t think of any examples now).

    Okay, I just thought of an example. . . at the end of the year teachers have swarms of students surround them with yearbooks, “Will you sign my yearbook?” Sometimes I don’t even know the student–never had him or her in my class. I thought I should make a Post-it note pad with pre-written comments and I could circle the one I want. Example:

    Your smiling face always brightens my day. OR I love your work ethic! OR Good riddance.

    I’d have to have more than three comments. Or maybe it could be like a Madlibs fill-in-the blank. I seriously think there’d be a market for this among teachers but I’m so not a salesperson/marketer.

    Sorry for rambling. Nice work on the clever contest.

    • I love your idea! Now you just need to go on Shark Tank! Only a creative teacher would have recognized the need and the market for such a thing.

      My husband is a patent attorney, yet he is always laughing at my hare-brained “inventions.”

      I really like these little boards: practical and easy to store. I’m excited to see what one lucky reader thinks of them.

      • I’ve never watched Shark Tank. My husband’s side of the family has inventors. His uncle has a patent on the first neoprene surfboard leash. Apparently Mark’s grandfather hung the Christmas tree upside down one year. Invention or just plain weird? My family is full of practical Midwesterners. No inventors.

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