Use Google Shop to Maximize Vet Care for your Horse

Murmer eyeA penny saved is a penny earned, right?

Here’s a tool you must try: Google Shop. This handy feature from our friends in Mountain View, California aggregates the prices and links for various items in one searchable database.

My mare has begun a monthly maintenance regimen of Legend hyaluronan injectable. (Read about the product and differences between IV injection and IA here). Because she receives Legend regularly and intravenously, I can save money by purchasing the multi-dose vial. I can save even more by comparison shopping.

When it came time to purchase the first vial, I compared Jeffers, Valley Vet, and SmartPak. I calculated relevant shipping fees, coupon codes, and listed prices. Satisfied by my bargain hunting, I placed the order.

This time around, I entered “Legend Injectable 20 mL” in the search field of Google Shopping. All told, I saved $60.00 more. Talk about pennies saved!! California Pet Pharmacy earned this sale.

Some things to remember when using Google Shop for prescription vet care products:

  1. First, call your vet clinic to get their phone number, fax number, and mailing address. Let them know you are placing an order with a pharmacy and to expect a request for a prescription.
  2. Second, when you enter the search terms in Google Shop, double check the name of the product and the size.
  3. Finally, make sure to consider shipping costs when comparing prices.

Good luck, happy bargain-hunting, and healthy horses.

4 thoughts on “Use Google Shop to Maximize Vet Care for your Horse

  1. Thanks for the helpful information on Google price comparisons! Wow. Thanks.

    I do want to make a point, unrelated to Google, but related to buying/ordering medications for repeated “injectable dosing” aka “multi-dose” vials. While they may be cheaper (i.e. save multiple vials, only sterilize one large instead of 20 or so small vials, product packing, shipping, etc) they SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION!! Even the most careful of veterinarians, or other experienced personnel in drawing out repeated doses with “sterile intent”, can (and often) inadvertently contaminate the large vial by repeatedly inserting a needle, or by repeated punctures into the rubber seal (repeated punctures into the rubber top provide a tract for bacteria to “backstroke” into the vial), especially over medication stored for days or weeks.

    It is at times (most of the time) impossible to visually tell if the original multi-dose vial is contaminated with bacteria ( unless it looks cloudy/turbid, but most of the time you can’t tell) RESULT: potential for injecting BUGS ( especially intravenously!) . Septicemia in equine, bovine, or human can be an expensive and life-threatening endeavor…

    For those of you who DO decide to use multidose vials for injection be OBSESSIVE and COMPULSIVE about sterility; do not use any other than a new, clean sterile needle and syringe, clean off top of vial with alcohol(let it evaporate before inserting needle) or preferably an iodine-based product like povidone or betadine (kills bacteria, fungus and viruses) before and after use; cap the rubber top on the vial if possible, and store the bottle in a clean (meds only) refrigerator, preferably in a plastic container so the bottle doesn’t get touched by someone reaching for the broccoli or yogurt or with “stall hands”! Look at the bottle in the light before each use. If it is not totally transparent, discard immediately.

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