TODAY Save on Cur-OST, Effective Lameness Supplement

After over a year and a half of unresolved lameness in my mare, I am having outstanding success in a very short time with daily Cur-OST. (Please note: I am not sponsored by, and have no business or financial ties to, Nouvelle Research or Cur-OST. I blog about products only to provide helpful information to other horse-owners). After jogging her last week, my vet said the mare was the soundest she had been in years. Needless to say, I’m elated by her progress.

Murmer stall

The product is pricey, but it is effective, and for now I’m willing to make the investment. Consider the cost and risk of the alternative: Joint injection with hyaluronan and corticosteroids. TODAY Nouvelle is offering 10% off. Just enter “SAVE” in the coupon code line at checkout when you place your order here.

Every little bit saved helps. I just ordered a four-month supply. I’m interested to see whether others have similar success. Let me know if you decide to try it.

6 thoughts on “TODAY Save on Cur-OST, Effective Lameness Supplement

  1. I love tips like these. Although I’m not dealing with lameness, I know that any horse can become unsound, at any time, and for pretty much any reason… This is going in my notebook! Thank you!

  2. Yay for murmz being good at the jog! This is a terribly long process and i know its hard on you both. I have faith that she will come back to full work because of all that you are doing to set her up for success.

  3. Happy for you – it’s great to hear about others getting better 🙂 Always inspiring. I hope she continues like this for you!

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