Care Tip: Horse Blankets Go On & Off With Ease

Everything takes longer in winter. Us humans are putting on and taking off outerwear all day. And we’re doing the same for our horses.

Once blankets get muddy, the task is even less appealing. Here’s a quick trick:

  1. Undo all straps and stand on the near side of the horse (the horse’s left side)
  2. Grab the neck of the blanket and fold the first third back where the saddle would goMurmer blanket single fold
  3. Grab the tail cover and fold the last third over the first. Now you have a blanket burrito!Murmer blanket burrito
  4. Go to the off side of the horse (the horse’s right side)
  5. Slide both arms under the blanket burrito and slide it off
  6. Place the burrito over any object: a blanket bar, a fence, a saddle rack, even a hay-bale will do
  7. When it’s time to put the blanket back on, reverse the above steps
Happy Blanketed Mare

Happy Blanketed Mare

Ok, so what’s so special about this method? By folding the blanket in inside-out thirds, the grime stays on the outside of the blanket. This keeps dirt away from the horse’s skin and off of the rider. By placing the burrito in the middle of the horse’s back, the blanket will be in the correct location to avoid shoulder rubs. And finally, this trick keeps the blanket orderly. If you’ve been riding for an hour in sub-freezing temps, it’s helpful to know which straps go where. Trust me, your numb fingers will thank you.

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