One Month Cur-OST + Legend IV = Even Sounder Horse

Her appetite and love for dirt show no signs of slowing down

Her appetite and love for dirt show no signs of slowing down

My mare has not truly been sound in a very long time. 2013 was not a great year for us. Two ligament injuries, stall-rest, and arthritis left her quite lame. Read more about our soundness struggle here.

Just before Christmas, she came down with a respiratory infection that resulted in a week of stall rest and quarantine. I kicked off the New Year with a cold virus and secondary sinus infection that kept me out of the saddle for an additional week. And the brutal temps accompanying the polar vortex meant several days of hand-walking only.

But she completed her bi-daily loading doses of a product called Cur-OST EQ Plus on Christmas. After trading questions with the founder of the company, I decided to add the Immune and Repair formula to her daily regimen for the next three months. And she received her first dose of Legend, a hyaluronan injectable from Bayer that can be used in the joint space (Intra-articular “IA”) or in the vein systemically (“IV”).

Intra-articular injection of hyaluronan has been shown to block the inflammation response in joints with osteoarthritis. Veterinarians often administer IA hyaluronan with a corticosteroid to maximize the anti-inflammatory and pain relief effect of the injection. But IA administration is not a risk-free silver bullet. Infection is a real and severe possibility.

The mare had been showing decent progress with the combination of EQ Plus, light exercise, and cold laser. I was terrified of the possibility of joint infection. So I figured we could try Legend IV. There is a lower risk associated with this method of administration. Legend studies indicate that 96% of horses receiving the product IA show good or excellent improvement. For IV administration, the number is 90%. If there were ever a time to bet on horses, I can’t think of a better one than 9-out of 10 odds in favor of a sounder mare!

So, after one month of EQ Plus and cold laser, and two weeks of Immune & Repair and Legend IV, how is she doing? Have a look (and please excuse the poor quality of the video):

I could not be happier with my gamble. I just hope our luck holds out!

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